Intrepid Pictures, which recently gave us that bad remake of The Hitcher, will soon be giving us a weird knock-off of The Terminator. At least, that's what it sounds like from the synopsis given for a script titled The Fourth Horseman, which Intrepid just acquired, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The "original" screenplay, written by Marshall E. Uzzle and Perry Fair, is about a young priest sent to kill a teenage girl because she's supposedly about to give birth to Death. As in the last of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Apparently the girl already has three children, named War, Pestilence and Famine, because the synopsis calls them "siblings," but I'll assume someone got that bit confused. Still, if this is to be the birth of the "fourth horseman" as the title suggests, it should also be assumed that the other three are already out there somewhere.

Anyway, the best part, which also parallels the plot of The Terminator (in which the baby-to-be was a future good guy), is that the young priest falls in love with the teen and, of course, impregnates her. Seems like he really paid attention when studying for the priesthood; his seminary school must have forgotten to stress the part about not sleeping with teenage girls and spawning evil forces of destruction.

The Fourth Horsemen probably won't have anything as cool as robotic killing machines from the future, but it better at least have some apocalyptic teasers in it. If it's just another bad religious-themed thriller a la Lost Souls, then Intrepid is probably wasting its time. But that's easily cynical for me to say, since other than Rosemary's Baby, I hate those kinds of movies (though I admit I've never seen the original The Omen). Currently Uzzle and Fair's script is being rewritten by scribes F. Paul Benz and Steve Tomlin, who last gave us Blind Horizon, a 2003 thriller starring Val Kilmer and Neve Campbell. And if that doesn't sell the project's worth to you, it's also being produced by Mike Karz (Malibu's Most Wanted; Good Luck Chuck).
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