Thank goodness that Owen Wilson is okay. Sunday evening, when I first saw reports of his hospitalization, there were rumors of heroin overdose and other implications that the actor might not recover. It is still very, very sad that the truth ended up being attempted suicide -- all I could think of was Luke Wilson's scene in The Royal Tenenbaums and Owen's suicidal moping in Wedding Crashers -- and I realize that he has some serious issues to deal with. But mostly I'm glad he's still with us.

Apparently his being alive isn't good enough for some people, who are now thinking only of how Sunday's incident will affect Wilson's box office and/or work schedule. According to the trades this morning, three of the actor's projects may be adversely impacted. The first is Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited, which hits the festival circuit this weekend, starting with Venice, and then opens September 29. Personally, I don't think anyone will mind if Wilson sits out the promotional tour for this one. As his statement on Monday urged, we can certainly leave the guy alone for a bit. Also, this incident should not be looked at as a scandal nor should it be comparable with any of the Lindsay Lohan or Tom Cruise stuff that has affected their respective box office.

The second project that appears (to them) to be in trouble is Tropic Thunder, which is currently filming in Hawaii and in which Wilson is supposed to appear. According to The Hollywood Reporter, his part in the movie is only a cameo, yet it still seems to be a concern that he may be replaced. When prompted for a response regarding the role, DreamWorks issued a statement only saying that, "Filming on Tropic Thunder continues." Finally, 20th Century Fox was asked about whether or not the incident will affect Marley & Me, which starts shooting in January. Fox responded by saying, "It's a totally inappropriate question at this time when all our thoughts and concerns are with his health and well being." Exactly.
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