According to the TIFF calendar, today marks the release of 2007's full and official schedule. It's not up as of 11 AM, but instead of eagerly hitting refresh on your browser, waiting for the list to appear, you might want to go over to Twitch and check out their amazing round-up of festival trailers and websites. Believe me -- you'll want to use it. I remember compiling my list last year, and quickly throwing a few off my list as soon as I saw the trailer for my picks. Buttery words might be able to smooth over craptacular filmmaking in text, but a trailer can show you the err' of your film-picking ways. That, and you'll probably also find intriguing films you never would've considered before the trailer.

The list is broken up into TIFF's program schedule, listing the name of the film, the filmmaker and whether it has a trailer, a website, or both. You've heard about most of the Gala trailers already, such as Sleuth and Reservation Road. But there's Masters trailers from the likes of Eric Rohmer's Les Amours d'Astrée et de Céladon, some midnight madness from the likes of Dario Argento's The Mother of Tears, contemporary world flicks like Ramin Bahrani's Chop Shop, discovery like Tamar van den Dop's Blind, docs such as Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro's Body of War, Canadian films like This Beautiful City, special presentations such as John Sayles' Honeydripper, some vanguard with the likes of Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park, visions such as Bruce McDonald's The Tracey Fragments and wavelengths, shorts and kids fare. Happy picking!