Well obviously I want to see a movie called War Monkeys! But really: How many people like me are out there? Dark Horse Indie is hoping there's more than a few, because you don't initiate a project called War Monkeys unless you're enthusiastically insane. No word yet on who'll be directing, but The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Cleve Nettles will be writing the comedic horror film, which is based on a story by producer Chris Patton.

So here's the log-line that gets you a movie contract these days: "The story follows a janitor who, during a Christmas holiday, gets trapped in an underground research facility with military-trained Rhesus monkeys." See, it's the Christmas setting that makes this an inevitably awesome piece of cinema. Trust me. Frankly I think Dark Horse is shooting for the next geek-borne fan-frenzy a la Snakes on a Plane. Only better. Military-trained Rhesus monkeys? But those things are so cute! They attack a janitor ... on Christmas? Oh man. Toss a serial killer in the mix and hire Bruce Campbell and you've got yourself an instant classic. (Or hey, Nathan Fillion!)
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