After a drought of nearly six months with no local releases, five are scheduled to hit Finnish theaters during September and October, according to the Finnish Film Foundation. I've already written about one of them: suspense drama Black Ice is due October 19. Colorado Avenue appears to be perfect fall fare: it deals with "humiliation, shame and respect" as Hanna loses her father, becomes a servant girl, emigrates to America, returns with children but no husband, becomes a successful store owner, and is disappointed by her son's choices. Whew! The story begins in the 19th Century and stretches into the 20th; it's based on two novels by Lars Sund. The trailer is properly epic, though not particularly compelling. It's set for September 7.

One week later comes the comedy drama The Matriarch (though the Finnish title, Lieksa!, sounds better), in which Martta, the first female head of the Koppelo family, must deal with the unrepentant prodigal black sheep of the family. It's easy to be misled by trailers, but this one looks much more intriguing than the description might otherwise suggest.

Finnish rock music gets its due in Ganes (pictured), which rolls out September 28. The trailer has a good rockin' feel; it appears to be set in the late 50's or early 60's, though I can't decipher if it's entirely fictional or based on a real life story. Director Jukka-Pekka Siili previously made the scandalous Young Gods.

Finally, Georg, a historical biopic about Estonian opera singer Georg Ots, is a co-production with Russia and Estonia. The Wikipedia entry says that Ots debuted in 1944 and became incredibly popular in the late 50's. In an interview with the Moscow Times, director Peeter Simm said the film "would focus on the political intrigues that greatly complicated Ots' life, but were little known at the time." Georg is aiming for release sometime in October.
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