Eli Roth's Hostel: Part 2 came and went pretty quickly during the fast-paced summer movie season, but it seemed to earn its fair share of praise from the critics who like the gruesome stuff ... plus let's face it: Flicks like this don't live or die at the box office: They create long and wondrous revenue streams through the magic of DVD and cable television. For example, now that H2 is hitting DVD on October 23 ... guess what else you can buy on that very same day?

Yes, gorehounds, it's time for a Director's Cut of the original Hostel. According to DVDActive.com, It'll hit the shelves on the same day as the sequel, and it will come packing Roth's original 'darker' ending. All of the (numerous) extras from the first Hostel DVD look to be included, in addition to a second platter filled with a bunch of all-new stuff. So yeah, it's a double-dip, but it sounds like there's enough "new stuff" to warrant a peek. As far as H2 is concerned, that DVD will also come in Director's Cut style, and the extras there will include three audio commentaries, a half-dozen featurettes, a bunch of deleted scenes, and all sorts of random nastiness.

And yes: Just in time for Halloween. Personally I don't mind saying that Hostel 2 has earned a spot in my horror collection. I think they're both damn solid horror movies -- and in 10-15 years, a lot more people will agree with me.
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