Many people don't transition well between careers, but Jason Lee smoothly slid from professional skateboarder -- with his own pair of Airwalks -- to slacker actor with no problem at all. Mallrats might not be a stellar example of comedic cinema, but it's an incredibly fun flick worth repeated viewings just to see Lee's Brodie Bruce talk about 'looking forward,' rant about escalator etiquette, rave about superhero sex, and drink out of a Dixie cup. Since then, he's acted in a number of films, but am I the only one who thinks that he solidly stink-palmed his own career?

After appearing in Kevin Smith's first studio feature, he followed the director to Chasing Amy, once again wooing us with the short-tempered tracer Banky Edwards. That follow-up was all Lee needed to form a loyal fanbase -- one that was helped by his continual involvement in Smith's films, as well as stints in others like Enemy of the State and Almost Famous. It was also a fanbase that allowed him to also take on some movies-for-money like Stealing Harvard and A Guy Thing without chastising him too much. So of course, he's been in crap, but the old crap ain't nothin' like the new crap.
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