The Masterson brothers are teaming up for their first feature film together, and whether or not you're a big fan of Christopher's big stint on Malcolm in the Middle, or Danny's on That '70s Show, you might want to check this out. Variety is reporting that the brothers will co-star in a new indie comedy called Made for Each Other, which is currently shooting in Connecticut. The movie is the first feature script by Eric Lord, and is being directed by newcomer Daryl Goldberg, whose first feature Unholy, a direct-to-DVD horror flick starring Nicholas Brendon, will be released next month.

While this might not sound intriguing yet, check out the premise and who they cast for each role. Christopher stars (and is co-producing) as a man who is a mere 3 months into a sexless marriage -- a sexless marriage with Bijou Phillips that is. (Who happens to be Brother Danny's real-life partner.) But it gets better. In a moment of sexual desperation, he breaks down and has a one-night stand. Of course, the only way he thinks he can fix things is to get her to cheat on him. So, he gets his best friend, Samm Levine (Life is Short and Freaks and Geeks), to not sleep with her himself, but find the right man for the job. Now take a second to think of the possibilities. Was The Tick/Brock Sampson/Joe Swanson the guy you were thinking of? That's right -- believe it or not, they pick Patrick Warburton to bed Bijou. Somewhere in all this brouhaha is Danny, who is an attorney waiting to help out with what he figures is a couple destined for divorce. Or, are they Made for Each Other? After Warburton, I can't imagine they would be!
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