Tyler Mane, who will be seen in theaters nationwide this Friday as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, told the MTV Movie Blog that he hasn't been offered the role of The Mighty Thor, but he'd be glad to entertain the idea. As Scott Weinberg posted a little while ago, the film adaptation of Marvel Comics' take on the Norse god of thunder is being directed by Matthew Vaughn -- whose film Stardust is currently in theaters -- from a screenplay by Mark Protosevich who scripted the upcoming Will Smith vehicle I Am Legend.

"I would love to," Mane told MTV. "You never know [whether Thor will make it as a movie]. You have all those genres of the comic book characters coming to life, from the Sabretooth character I did in X-Men to all the ones that they did. It could be [the right time for Thor]. it depends on how it's done, and who writes the script. [Have they come to me] about 'Thor'? I have not heard anything yet, so we'll see. Hopefully, somebody's out there writing it for me like Rob [Zombie] wrote [a role in 'Halloween'] for me."

Apparently the idea of Mane taking on the role is gathering buzz on the internet. One Cinematical reader suggested Mane in response to Scott's post, but then again there were also votes for Jason Mewes and Jesus. That guy who played Thor in the Marvel Super Heroes Got Milk? commercial wasn't bad (click here to refresh your memory). Mane certainly does seem like a viable candidate for flinging the uru hammer Mjolnir at the bad guys. Actually, I suppose the real test of any actor who might play Thor is his ability to pronounce Mjolnir.
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