USA Today's pop culture queen Whitney Matheson posed this question to her readers yesterday, and to say she got a lot of great responses would be an understatement. (And by "great," I mean some were clever and some were just funny.) This gist is basically this: If you could own any movie props, what would they be? Whit's pal Scott (not me) came up with a smartly nerdy choice: "The captain's chair from Wrath of Khan, because, apparently, they used the same set for both Kirk and Khan, so that chair was sat in by both Shatner and Ricardo Montalban." Can't really argue with that logic.

Ms. Matheson's picks included the Indiana Jones fedora, the Lloyd Dobler overcoat, Navin Johnson's paddle-ball game, and "The Orb" from Woody Allen's Sleeper. (Dang, what a gal!) Some of the more amusing responses from the Pop Candy readers were:

...and then I had to ruin it all by asking for the Talon's three-bladed shooty sword and the pole from Striptease. Anyway, I'm sure there's a lot of really good ones we missed. So feel free to chime in with your most coveted movie props. And then go paste your answers into Whitney's thread. She came up with the idea first and all.
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