I've seen John Carpenter's Halloween more times than I care to count. Like most genre fans with at least half a working brain, I think it's one of the finest horror movies ever made. (Yes, like right up there with Psycho, Bride of Frankenstein, Alien and Ghoulies Go to College.) So once you've seen a movie more than, say, 28 times you begin to feel a little affection for the cast members. For example: As cute as P.J. Soles is in Halloween (and lord is she), she's even cuter in Stripes.

But hey, whatever happened to the lovely Ms. Soles anyway? And that guy who played Sheriff Brackett? Or his ill-fated daughter Annie? What about little Lindsay? Why haven't we seen Dr. Loomis lately? And did that lead girl ever go on to anything else? Those questions (and more) can be answered right here at Moviefone's latest 'Where Are They Now?' gallery? Heck, they even tracked down some of the guys who played "The Shape" -- as the villain was called way back in the day.

In tangentially-related news, numerouswebsites are reporting that an unfinished workprint of Rob Zombie's Halloween remake is currently spreading across the internet like so many crab lice. Should be interesting to see if this has a large effect on the flick's opening weekend. The remake opens on Friday opposite James Wan's revenge thriller Death Sentence. So it's a nice, light time at the cinemas this weekend.

We'll be back in about 15 years with a 'Where Are They Now?' article on Zombie's Halloween cast. Or maybe we'll have to do it in a few weeks.
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