How do you make a movie from a book of short stories? You do an anthology piece, obviously, and as a framework you use a tattooed man whose body art tells some pretty creepy tales. At least that's how it went down in Jack Smight's 1969 film The Illustrated Man -- which was based on a collection of very cool tales by sci-fi mega-master Ray Bradbury. Anyway, I'm reminding you of this old flick for one very obvious reason: It's remake time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, none other than Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead, 300) has been invited by Warner Bros. to helm the second adaptation of Bradbury's book. He and screenwriter Alex Tse will begin to tackle The (New) Illustrated Man once they're all finished on their highly-anticipated Watchmen movie. (This is probably a "pre-strike" project we're looking at here.) No word yet on who'll be playing the title character ... anyone have any suggestions on who should be covered in tattoos? It was Rod Steiger last time around, so all bets are off this time.
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