Back in May, Ziyi Zhang was in talks for a Chinese opera biopic called Mei Lanfang. With filming currently underway on that production, Zhang is looking for her next role, and Variety reports that she may have found it in the long-awaited, aptly-titled Waiting. Based on Ha Jin's National Book Award-winning novel, the English-language adaptation was originally conceived in 2001, for Chow Yun-fat to star in. Now that a number of years have passed, they're looking to a younger generation -- namely Ziyi Zhang and Takeshi Kaneshiro (House of Flying Daggers) -- to finalize talks. Peter Chan started adapting the novel when it was first tapped for a feature, and the film will still be directed by him once post-production is finished on Warlords.

Waiting details the life of a doctor in China's Revolutionary Army who struggles to do what he thinks is right. When his mother is dying, he agrees to an arranged marriage -- with a country woman he finds to look much older than she is, and one who has bound feet. He doesn't love his arranged life and he lives at an army hospital, so he only visits his wife and family once a year. He falls in love with a nurse, but both are bound by Communist law -- he has to be separated from his wife for 18 years before he can divorce her. The couple then wait (hence the title) so that they might consummate their relationship. 18 years...that's dedication.
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