So I'm usually not one to get all worked up about a remake/sequel of a favorite film. (lord knows it happens often enough) You just sort of get used to it. However I have yet to work up that Zen attitude for the straight-to-DVD sequel to The Lost Boys, which looks like it'll go by the title Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. Let's just say I have a bad feeling about the whole thing. is reporting that sources have confirmed that Warner Premiere (the direct-to-DVD production arm of Warner Bros.) has already started casting their teen bloodsuckers. According to Moviehole's sources; Angus Sutherland -- Keifer's half-brother, will be joined by, Kyle Cassie (Devour), Shaun Sipos (The Grudge 2) and Merwin Mondesir (Godsend) as fellow 'Lost Boys'.

This time the story focuses on another pair of siblings who move to Trinidad, California (What? No Santa Carla?) and are targeted by the vampire gang. This time it's not about motorcycles, it's all about the surfboards -- that's right, vampire surfers. Back in January, Scott confirmed that not only was a sequel in the works, but that already it had been pegged for the straight to video market -- which is never a good sign. Then just last June Monika gave us the news that Autumn Reeser (best known as Taylor on The OC) had been hired to play the new girl in town who is seduced by the vampire surfers. Since then it has been reported that living cautionary tales for child stars everywhere Corey Feldman and Corey Haim would be returning to reprise their roles from the first film. (Although Haim's involvement is still up for debate due to some pesky immigration issues.) So I might be biased when I say that with an expanding C-list cast and a ridiculous plot even for a vampire movie ... as much as I love the original, it's probably for the best that this flick is going straight to the DVD bin.
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