You know, you go to a spoken word performance and you don't expect gunshots to be a worry unless the guy you're going to see is some big gansta or rabble rouser. I don't think Roberto Benigni, the man behind the Oscar-winning Life is Beautiful, is either of those -- especially when he's touring Italy with Tutto Dante (All Dante). It's a performance where he mixes Dante's writing with political satire. The CBC is reporting that while he was onstage and reciting a passage from The Divine Comedy, a man fired 6 shots at a young, 22-year-old security guard -- hitting him a number of times in the legs. Those classics, they're so incendiary! You have to give Benigni credit -- it seems that after this happened he said: "What, is hell here, too?" Ah, classic!

No big details have been released, other than that the suspect, a 45-year-old man, had been trying to get into the performance without a ticket. After the shooting, he was arrested for attempted murder and the show eventually resumed. (How's that for dedication to your craft?!) As for the security guard, police say he will be in the hospital for the next month or so. Lesson be learned -- maniacal gunmen can turn up anywhere, even if Life is Beautiful.
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