*Exclusive official photo from The Rocker, courtesy of Fox Atomic.

The first cast member to acknowledge the presence of the online press guys that night was Rainn Wilson, who eventually agreed to sit down with us for an interview in the cafeteria area in between takes. He was a perfectly nice, pleasant guy to talk to, but you could tell that he was a little tired from the switch to night shoots, and he was very much in a business frame of mind. In fact, I'm sure I have the tenacity of the unit publicist to thank for the interview happening at all: despite the tough, pressurized circumstances of the shoot, she went out of her way to try to help me get what I came for that night. Here's the interview with Rainn in full, with some questions being asked by myself and some from the IGN journalist. It will give you a good idea of the basic plot and characters ofThe Rocker, what kind of tone the filmmakers are shooting for, and also what you can expect from Rainn in the future, project-wise.

The plot of the film has been kept pretty much under wraps -- we only know what's been in the trades. What can you say about it?

RW: It's a movie about a heavy metal drummer who gets kicked out of a rock band right before they become, like quadruple-platinum huge. Like the drummer of Aerosmith getting kicked out before Walk This Way, or something like that. And it kind of haunts him for his whole life. The movie does take place in the present day, and he gets another chance at fame, another chance at redemption, by joining his high-school nephew's garage-rock band. So, you know, it's kind of a fish out of water story and my character is named Fish, so it's perfect for a fish-out-of-water-story.

What kind of comedy is it? Is it like Bob Odenkirk-style absurdist comedy, or more straight-ahead?

RW: No, it's a pretty straight-ahead rock n' roll comedy. You know, it would be like a highly-comedic version of an Almost Famous, or something like that, maybe. I play ... he's a crazy, man-out-of-time, you know? He lives to rock, but his idea of that is trapped somewhere between Def Leppard and AC/DC. So he gets this new opportunity, he gets a new lease on life, a chance to live his dream, and in the course of it, he meets Christina Applegate.

Not bad.

RW: Not so bad.

So are you going to actually reference those old bands? Should we expect cameos from, like, Def Leppard or Winger?

RW: We talked about that, having heavy metal cameos but we didn't go with that. But we do see the old band that fired him. Vesuvius is their name, and we got a great cast for that. Will Arnett, Fred Armisen and Bradley Cooper are playing those guys.