Everyone I know just drop-dead loved the holy heck out of Ratatouille this past summer. And while I obviously have no problem with people showering affection on the Pixar team -- and while Rat was definitely a big improvement over Cars -- I just didn't think the flick was all that ... funny. Cute, charming, wonderfully animated, sweet, pleasant and entirely watchable ... sure. It still didn't make me laugh all that much (whereas the pre-Cars Pixar flicks make me chuckle every time I see 'em). And The Incredibles is nothing short of a masterpiece if you ask me.

Eh, who wants to hear my whining? Your kids want the newest Pixar flick on DVD -- and so do you. Which brings us to this recent report from DVDActive.com. The gist is this: Ratatouille will hit the digital realm on November 6. Unlike most of the previous Pixar releases, this will be a solo-disc affair ... but that doesn't mean Disney is skimping on the goodies. In addition to the feature film you'll be able to click through the following supplements: deleted scenes with intro by director Brad Bird, an all-new Pixar short called Your Friend the Rat, Fine Food and Film: Interviews with the filmmakers, the Oscar-nominated short Lifted, and a bunch of kid-friendly doo-dads. (Additional doo-dads available on the Blu-Ray release, of course.)

Hey, maybe I was just in a crabby mood with I saw Ratatouille. Obviously I'm more than happy to give it another spin once November rolls around.
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