OK, I get it. Eventually every single video game will be turned into a film, and I mean every video game. Game Daily: BIZ reports that the classic 1982 platform game Jousthas been selected for the big-screen treatment. The film is being produced by CP Productions, which is comprised of Area 51 producer Christine Peters and Michael Cerenzie (Blackout). CP is dedicated to producing films for the "under-25 filmgoer", and their slate is mainly horror and sci-fi, along with some other classic video game adaptations. Joust centered on an ostrich-riding knight who would do battle with waves of bad guys on a series of platforms suspended over a pit of lava. It might have been simplistic, but is still considered one of the best by fans of classic arcade games. Released in 1982 by Williams Electronics for Midway Games, Joust has made its way to most video game platforms even as recently as for the Xbox 360.

Since there isn't all that much to work with in terms of story and character, Peters told Daily, "We took one element of the game and the brand itself and built a whole new world around it for the film". Matt Gotleib has already finished a script for the film and it is being described as "Gladiator meets Mad Max". The film would be set in a futuristic Las Vegas, but there is no word on whether our hero will still be astride an ostrich (or emu) this time around. CP is also planning on releasing a graphic novel by Steven Elliot Altman of DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics fame, that will be based on Gotleib's script. There is also the possibility of a new series of games that would build off his story. Paramount Pictures has been reported to have a first look deal with CP Productions for the film, so stay tuned for any updates that come our way.

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