In a pretty accurate fit of casting, Exodus Film Group has picked burly actor John Goodman to be Paul Bunyan in an upcoming movie. Unfortunately, I don't know if you'll be seeing him in a full beard, clad-in-plaid and carrying an ax. The family film, called Bunyan & Babe, will be CG and live action, and as you see to the right, a poster was whipped up pre-Goodman, so it looks like both folk heroes will be CG. (This is further strengthened by The Hollywood Reporter following this casting news with mention of his voicing stints on flicks like Monsters Inc. and Cars.) For his sidekick Babe the Blue Ox, they've already cast...Eddie Griffin, which is an interesting choice. The premise of this re-telling: Babe has been taken by "a demented circus owner" and Bunyan teams up with "two adventurous kids" to free his friend.

The script has had a few pens on it so far -- the first take was written by writer/director of This is Not a Film, Michael Nickles and Julia Wall, who was producer on Film. Now some rewriting done by the scribes of Flushed Away, Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement. As for director, that'll be first-time helmer Jim Rygiel, whose special effects work on Lord of the Rings earned him three Oscars. To top things off, Basil Poledouris wrote the film's theme before he passed away last year.
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