What happens when you take Nick Cage's geeky sidekick and mash him up with a French actress, a hockey player-turned-model and a hobbit? You get a new bilingual, indie, romantic comedy called Shoe at Your Foot. The feature stars Justin Bartha (National Treasure), Melanie Laurent (Days of Glory), Jessica Paré (Stardom) and Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings). According to The Hollywood Reporter, this will be the first feature for writer/director Jennifer Devoldere, and the English/French comedy has already started filming in Paris, which will be followed up with a week of production in Montreal.

is about an American guy named Jack (Bartha) who wins a vacation for two to Paris. However, his girlfriend (Paré) dumps him right before they're set to leave. Jack's Scottish best friend (Boyd) convinces him to go alone. He takes the advice, but finds further troubles as his luggage was swapped with a French businesswoman named Chloe (Laurent). One would think it would be as simple as the pair falling for each other as they meet and exchange belongings, but it is a bit more quirky than that. On one side, there's Jack, who can't speak French and is stuck in his hotel with no money or clothes. On the other, there is Chloe, who "falls in love with his belongings (including his shoes) and, feeling fate has brought them together, sets out on a search to find him." I wonder if this will be followed in a few years by Shoe to the Head, a sequel that covers their romance as they realize that weird shoe fetishes don't make for healthy relationships.
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