One might see a bunch of huge snags as a good reason to re-think the making of a film, but not Constantin Films -- and let's hope that's because they've got a real keeper. Back in April, John Goodman was sued for backing out of the production of Pope Joan. Soon after, production was halted. As if that wasn't enough, July brought about the firing of the film's director -- Volker Schlöndorff. He had criticized the company's habit of making extended versions of their films for television (they plan to do just that with Joan). Undeterred, Variety has reported that Constantin Film has selected The Miracle of Bern and Deutschland. A Summer Fairytale helmer Sönke Wortmann to take over the directorial chair.

With the director in place, they're now hoping to get production going early next year, with Franka Potente still tapped to star. (How funny would it be if she could no longer do it? Also disappointing, since I'd love to see her really command a period piece.) The film is an adaptation of Donna Woolfolk Cross' bestseller Pope Joan, which tells the legend of a ninth-century woman who disguised herself as a man and ascended the papal throne -- but was later found out when she had a baby during a procession from St. Peter's. Oops. I have to say -- having the sex when you're not only the Pope, but a female one at that, is pretty risky. Assuming the production hits no more snags, we should be able to see it for ourselves in a year or two.
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