Now a few years free from the 6-year run of her own talk show, talking to piles upon piles of strange and usually hot-headed people, Ricki Lake has involved herself in something a bit more serious. After having a negative experience during the birth of her first child, she tapped filmmaker Abby Epstein to make a documentary on the birthing business, for Lake to executive produce. The film, The Business of Being Born, was screened at Tribeca this year, and now indieWIRE has reported that Red Envelope and New Line Entertainment have picked up the North American rights to the doc.

As the story goes, Epstein explored maternity care in America, focusing on the Big Apple, and the doc shows the distrust in hospitals, and how a number of couples take matters into their own hands. The film gets more personal once Epstein finds out that she is pregnant as well, and that "the life of her child [is] on the line." It's a bit revealing as well for Lake -- during an interview with The Huffington Post, she discusses how the doc includes footage of the home birth of her second son: "I am naked at 195 pounds giving birth in my own bathtub." According to the press release: "should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potential medical emergency?" If this is up your alley, or have a tyke on the way, the doc will get a limited release in "key US cities" this October, then a Netflix launch before the DVD is released in early 2008.
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