Andrew Herwitz's Film Sales Co. is looking for a double payout on their recent acquisition. Variety is reporting that the company, who have already scored the distribution rights to Argentine film Live-In Maid (Cama adentro), have also nabbed the remake rights to the film. The original was made back in 2004, was screened at Sundance in 2005 and went into limited release this July, with an opening Friday in L.A. and more cities to follow. The film is about a former socialite whose cash flow has dried up, and is about to turn 60. She "clings to her housekeeper as both a vestige of the good life and a personal confidante of 30 years." The original starred Norma Aleandro and the non-professional, used-to-be-a-maid Norma Argentina, but no matter how cool it is to see an actual once-housekeeper instead of a big name, I'm sure this remake will have two well-known actresses.

This is just one in many remakes that are being announced just after, or sometimes even before, the original gets released. Just after The Lives of Others nabbed an Oscar, the Weinsteins picked it up for a remake. My Best Friend, or Mon Meilleur Ami, was nabbed for a remake only a month after its release in France, and months before its theatrical release stateside. At least Live-In Maid was made well before it started to get distributed. But either way, at this rate, I won't be surprised if we soon get an English-language remake that comes out before the foreign original does. Still, I'll keep hoping that North Americans will become more open to the foreign originals and at least let them thrive before they get remade.
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