So there's this new fish-out-of-water comedy coming our way, and funny enough, it's being directed by a Danish filmmaker. Variety has reported that Jonas Elmer (Let's Get Lost), is going to helm a new comedy called Chilled in Miami. The film, which is about a Miami businesswoman who gets transferred to the middle-of-nowhere Minnesota, will star Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. -- if negotiations continue as planned. The comedy used to be called 32 and Single, and was penned by Ken Rance and C. Jay Cox. Since the latter wrote Sweet Home Alabama, I'm sure Harry will be some sort of sexy hickster who teaches Renee about the perks of Minnesota living. Then they'll fall in love, but Renee will get called back to Miami...and then what will happen!?

I'm curious as to why Gold Circle Films tapped a Danish writer/director for a movie about a woman in Miami and Minnesota. (Or rather, Miami and Winnipeg, as that's where they'll shoot this coming January. Winnipeg in winter... Lucky Renee and Harry!) Variety says that Elmer's last comedy, Nynne, was considered the Danish Bridget Jones, but that's still a jump from Bridget Jones-like movie to Renee to American mid-west romcom. This is especially surprising since Cox is a director as well. Granted, his films haven't been that big (and his latest stars Tori Spelling), but still. It'll be interesting to see how a Dane tackles this whole thing.
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