While I'm sure you wanted nothing more than the mamboing couple of Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Universal has added a woman -- Alice Braga -- to the mix of their futuristic thriller called Repossession Mambo. (Ryan Stewart threw all sorts of love to the film back in June, when the two men were cast.) The film, which is being directed by Miguel Sapochnik, comes from the brains of Eric Garcia and Garret Lerner, who wrote the script based on Garcia's novel. Now, don't get this confused with the musical genetic repossession flick called Repo! The Genetic Opera -- that one stars Paz Vega and Paul Sorvino.

In this telling, the film follows a guy named Remy (Law), who is a repo man made up of artificial organs. (How many transplants can you get before you stop being you?) When he adds a new heart to the mix, he struggles to pay for it, and has to go on the run to avoid his former partner. (I assume this is Whitaker?) Braga will play a woman named Beth who married Remy but -- lost touch with him while he was in the Army. It gets better -- apparently, she's not upset about losing touch, and now ten years later she's had a hard batch of luck and a whole slew of new organs herself, so she reunites with Remy to go on the run. Hopefully we'll have more word on this strange flick soon -- it starts production in Toronto on October 15.
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