It's early September and you know what that means! Kids going back to school, a nice drop in the humidity ... and the beginning of another marketing push for yet another Saw movie. Trailers, websites, blood drives, icky-sticky poster art ... if there's one thing Lionsgate does well, it's market those horror flicks. And I guess it's an easier sell when the movies deliver the goods. (OK, Saw 3 was the weakest of the trilogy, but it's still a helluva lot creepier than most of the wide-release horror flicks!)

Anyway, here's the brand-new Saw 4 website, complete with teaser trailer, wallpapers, production notes and some memorably ooky Charlie Clouser music. For horror fans hoping for a little new spice in the series, let's hope it'll be provided by screenwriters Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton. (They wrote the fan-favorite Feast, but are complete newcomers to the Sawniverse.) October 26 is when the third Saw sequel arrives -- and Saw 5 a year after that. (No doubt.)

Special note to parents: Saw 4 is rated R for "grisly bloody violence and terror throughout, and language." But if you already let your 7-year-old see the first three flicks...
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