Plot twists are a tricky phenomenon. They can provide shock and awe in a carefully-constructed story, or turn out to be a cheap cop-out that evokes groans rather than gasps. Good ones are like a game -- did you pick up the clues beforehand, or were you completely clueless? Premiere recently tackled the world of shocking plot developments and came up with a list of top "20 Big-Time Plot Twists." If you take a minute and make your own list, I bet you can come up with most of them. Oh yeah, and if you didn't figure it out yet -- this post WILL contain spoilers! You've been warned.

One of my favorite twists heads the list, the original The Planet of the Apes from 1968 -- Rod Serling's big shocker in which the astronauts traveled through time, not space. The partial Statue of Liberty reaching out of the sand was just brilliant -- a great visual way to really punch in the shock. From there, we've got a dark-force father, a split-personality fighter, a split-personality/mom-obsessed killer, a childhood sled, mass-produced food made from people and an intricate storyteller who isn't who he seems -- I'm sure you know which flicks I'm referring to, and that's only the start. There's even a nod toEddie and the Cruisers! With 20 films, Premiere did a good job of listing some of the most memorable plot twists out there. However, in their shock-filled haze, did they forget any that particularly floored you?

[ Thanks to Pop Candy for the tip. ]
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