Canada is an evil and ancient land, older than we can imagine and sunk in the horrors of the unspeakably dangerous game of "hockey" taught to them eons ago by primordial hyperboreans who used to play the game on the living ice, using human hearts as pucks. It's only befitting that a cursed black heart is one of the main elements in an upcoming Canadian horror film Jack Brooks, Monster Slayer. The film has a new trailer, now available on

Jon Knautz's distributor-less film from Ottawa's Brook Street Pictures concerns a young plumber, Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews), whose family was massacred before his young eyes. Later in life, during a job unblocking some pipes, Jack ends up in the accursed lair of seemingly kindly old Professor Crowley (Get it? If not, here you go. Turns out that the Duke of Madness' name is pronounced with a long o, incidentally). Crowley is played by a certain Robert Englund, seen above, looking a bit like a scarier George C. Scott. The trailer includes cyclops, African witch doctors, filed-toothed maniacs and something that looks like an evil clown ... all scheduled to be battled with all the weapons in a plumber's toolbox.