This is sad news for all of us who were looking forward to John Cusack in an action thriller from Jan De Bont. Apparently someone had the power to stop Stopping Power, and the planned movie has been killed, Variety reports. That someone is actually a financial backer that pulled out suddenly at the last minute. The $40 million production was scheduled to begin filming in Berlin very soon with a cast that included Jason Isaacs and Melissa George. Internationalmedia, a Munich-based company that was co-producing the movie, will be dealing with the back-out backer in court, but hasn't revealed who the backer is, though. So far at least one of Internationalmedia's subsidiaries, IM Stopping Power GmbH, which was set up specifically for Stopping Power, has had to file for insolvency.

The real loser here, aside from you and me, is Jan De Bont. Just ten days ago, it seemed as though everything was going smoothly for the Speeddirector. Between Stopping Power and MEG, this isn't a good year for projects attached to De Bont. The director was promising some spectacular action, such as a 51-minute chase scene, which probably would have evoked Speed for many of us. I think that Cusack is probably also very disappointed. Sure, he's got a possible Oscar nomination on the way, but the guy could really use a fun action movie right about now. He's too old for the teen comedies of old and he's not as successful with the romantic comedies as we'd have expected. But he was awesome in the silly action movie Con Air, and he recently was successful in the thriller 1408. Obviously he should be doing a combination of both (minus the supernatural themes of the latter) with an starring role in an action thriller. He could still do the comedic and dramatic indies he does so well, but at least he'd have a presence at the multiplexes more often, too.
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