He's sung about a Blaze of Glory, right around the time when he played "Pit Inmate Shot Back into Pit" in Young Guns II. He's been The Leading Man, suffered with dysfunctional relationships on Sex and the City, helped Pay it Forward and even got Pucked with National Lampoon. Most recently, he's gone on a non-Lynchian Lost Highway of music. Now Variety is reporting that Jon Bon Jovi is going to go Where the Day Takes You -- or something pretty similar. He's hitting the production biz with music managers Jack Rovner and Ken Levitan to produce an adaptation of Jessica Blank's upcoming novel Almost Home.

The book, which hits stores on October 23, is about a "group of homeless teens in Los Angeles struggling to find themselves." Blank and her husband Erik Jensen have already started adapting it for the screen. Basically, this sounds like Where the Day, but I bet a little cleaner -- it's being released by Disney's Hyperion Books for Children. I'm thinking that means no drugs, prostitution and other struggles that the likes of Sean Astin and others struggled with in the 1992 film. I'm not quite sure what spurned this -- the singer has been an actor, but has never worked behind the camera, and Rovner and Levitan have no film credits. But good luck to them!
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