Kevin Smith recently promised to return to a more regular blogging schedule on his site My Boring Ass Life, and as part of that he shared some more new info on his upcoming film Red State. This is the film Smith will be directing after he has completed the comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Neither film will feature any characters from Smith's previous films, all of which (with the exception of Jersey Girl) took place within what has come to be known as the View Askewniverse, named for Smith's View Askew Productions. Red State will also be Smith's first foray into the horror genre, and according to a recent blog entry of Smith's, the script is now finished. Apparently the writing went fairly quickly, and this script was different from his previous ones in a number of ways.

"Finished Red State around 1-ish," blogs Smith. "Totally different than anything I've written before. Very f****d up. Shortest script I've ever written, too, as well as the least dialogue-driven (not to say there's not a lot of dialogue in it still; just not nearly as much as I'm used to writing). It's a weird, relentlessly bleak and extremely unsettling affair, that Red State script. If you didn't know I wrote it, and you read it, and I told you afterwards that I'd written it, you'd be like 'Bullsh*t.'"

You also can read another bit from Smith over on the News Askew website, where he mentions this might not be the type of film the Weinsteins would be interested in financing. If that turns out to be the case, Smith is prepared to court financing elsewhere. Personally, I'm looking forward to these next two films from Smith, despite the fact that his last attempt to step outside the View Askewniverse resulted in the disappointing Jersey Girl. His way-cool work on the Daredevil and Green Arrow comics is proof enough that comedy is not the only thing he can write.
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