There's only a few days left until movie mania takes over the T-Dot for this year's Toronto International Film Festival, but as one gears up, another closes. Monday marked the end of Montreal's 31st World Film Festival, and this year there was a tie for the top. The Grand Prix of Americas jury prize went to two pretty different films -- Nic Balthazar's Ben X, about an autistic boy bullied at school, and Claude Miller's A Secret, about a Jewish family during and after WWII. While Balthazar's film had to share the top honor, it did get a boost by also nabbing the audience award for Most Popular Film. Sometimes juries and audiences do agree!

But of course, the winners don't stop there. The Special Grand Prix from the jury went to a film called Noodle by Ayelet Menahemi, Best Director was given to Jacob Berger for 1 Day, Best Artistic Contribution went to Ray Loriga for Teresa: El Cuerpo de Cristo, Best Actress was given to Andrea Sawaktzki for The Other Boy, Filipe Duarte and Tomás Almeida will share the Best Actor award for A Outra Margem, Samira's Garden picked up Best Screenplay for Latif Lahlou, and D75-Tartina City got the Innovation Award. There's also a bunch of Zenith awards and further audience picks which you can check out over at the Festival's awards press release. With that said and done, who will win Canada's next list of festival awards at TIFF?
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