Signs of a slow, post-holiday news day: Cinematical reports on the signing of a second unit director. Ah, but this isn't just any second unit director, and Dan Bradley hasn't signed on to just any movie. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Bradley, who's been the action designer behind the last two Bourne films, has hopped onboard Bond 22 as the film's second unit director. Not a bad decision if you ask me; Bond has taken a backseat to the highly-acclaimed Bourne series over the past few years, and it's wise for EON Productions and Columbia Pictures to look toward the latter in an attempt to bolster their franchise going forward. Casino Royale was certainly a good start, and Bradley's involvement means the next Bond installment will at least kick tons of ass in the action department.

According to HR, Bond producers want Bradley to "continue and build on the more realistic and gritty approach to the veteran British spy begun in last year's Casino Royale." Apart from Bond 22 (which will most likely begin filming this winter), Bradley has also done work on two Spider-Man sequels, Jackass: The Movie (now there's an interesting assignment), Seabiscuit and, most recently, Indiana Jones 4. I'm not sure whether the guy was in a lot of fights when he was a kid, but he sure knows how to help deliver some fantastic action sequences, so much so that I wouldn't be surprised if the man is considered to potentially helm Bond 23 if director Marc Forster doesn't decide to return. So far Daniel Craig (Bond) and Judi Dench (M) are signed on to reprise their roles in the next Bond film, with a Bond girl(s) announcement due (hopefully) fairly soon.

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