Once again, more signs that it's a slow, post-holiday news day: Cinematical reports on fairly old Corey Haim direct-to-video rumors. It doesn't get any lower than this folks ... and I officially feel dirty. Help? Someone? Mommy? ShockTillYouDrop claims to have the official word that, contrary to a number of earlier reports, Corey Haim will not have a cameo in the DTV sequel for Lost Boys 2. I know what you're thinking -- the dude is back on the wagon. Actually, apparently not -- instead, they cite Haim's recent "immigration snafu." A snafu? There was a snafu? Indeed there was. According to another report issued by the MTV Movies Blog (oh, everyone is all over this puppy!), Haim's manager had called them to say that the actor was having problems when it came to entering and leaving the country. See, Lost Boys 2 is shooting in Vancouver. And, for whatever reason, Haim couldn't get there. But here's my question: Didn't his recent reality show, The Two Coreys, shoot in Vancouver? And, um, wasn't he able to leave the country for that? This, in turn, raises larger issues: Are our immigration officials prejudice against vampires? I don't know about you, but I'd like an official inquiry.

At the time of MTV's report, Warner Bros. was working hard to resolve the "immigration snafu." However, if ShockTillYouDrop is to be believed (and I see no reason why not -- they're usually pretty good about their scoops), the snafu (yes, I love writing that word) was not resolved in time. If Haim's tears were staged before, I'm pretty positive his latest tears were the real deal. No role. No money. Sh*t, I'd cry. Good news is that Corey Feldman is still signed on to shoot a role, and from what we hear, he's currently out in Vancouver doing just that as we speak. No word on whether Haim will be replaced by a Haim look-a-like (could it get any worse for an actor then to land a role based on the fact that he looks like Corey Haim?), but you bet your arse we'll be letting you know as soon as more info is available.