My favorite starting point, DVD Journal, has ceased publication, though they've added a plethora of fan mail to their front page. What I liked about their Release Calendar was the stunning simplicity -- just the title, in alphabetical order, sometimes with the original release date. If you have a personal favorite "upcoming releases on DVD" site or page that you find useful, please share by leaving a comment.

My pick of the week is Ken Loach's The Wind That Shakes the Barley. Cillian Murphy stars as an aspiring doctor in 1920s Ireland who gets caught up in his country's struggles against England. Cinematical's James Rocchi says it has "all the suspense of a wartime film -- ambushes, clever plots, daring escapes -- but it also has a kind of gut-punch realism that's hard to shake ... in many ways it's a film that best demonstrates what makes [Loach] one of our greatest living directors." I can't find details on any extra features for the Region 1 disk. A two-disk special edition is available for those able to play Region 2 DVDs.

In Ryan Stewart's review of Stephanie Daley, he says the lack of a clear answer for the actions of a teenage girl who suffocates her newborn child is 'dramatically intriguing up to a point, but also frustrating.' I wasn't sure I wanted to watch this drama, but after reading his review again, I'm sufficiently curious to add it to my rental list. This is another DVD where I can't find any suggestion of additional features.

Georgia Rule sounds like it would appeal to indie film fans, with its cast including Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman, but Jette Kernion says: "It's difficult to become absorbed in a story about characters with little personality and no complexity." These titles aside, I'll be hitting my local rental shop to see if they have the Korean action film City of Violence and/or the Japanese sports flick Ping Pong, both of which sound promising.