Director Amando de Ossorio is probably best known in horror circles for his four Blind Dead films which deal with the Knights Templar rising from their graves and preying upon the living. De Ossorio's blind dead are easily the most recognizable group of walking corpses in Euro-horror history with their rotting monk's robes and wizened faces. Night of the Sorcerers was released in the same year as Return of the Blind Dead, the second entry in that series.

Just released by BCI/Eclipse, Night of the Sorcerers eschews the European locales of the Blind Dead series for the jungles of Africa. In a pre-credits sequence set in 1910 we see a woman being whipped by a tribe of natives before she is decapitated upon a ceremonial altar. A group of white men in safari gear and pith helmets arrive and slaughter the natives. Just as the gunfire dies out, the woman's severed head turns to the camera and shrieks as she displays her new vampire fangs.
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