We're not keen on picking up British rumors, but this latest one wouldn't surprise me in the least. According to IGN (via sources like The Daily Express and Star Magazine), none other than Nicolas Cage might be the current frontrunner for the lead role in that long-planned Magnum P.I. film. This one has been circling actors for awhile now, with folks like Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney rumored to be in talks at one point or another. The Daily Express claims that the film sort of fell apart 18 months ago when both Clooney and Ricky Gervais (who was slated to play Magnum's Brit sidekick Higgins) rejected the film as if it were a cute girl at a bar that's had way too many drinks.

If Cage does sign on -- apart from pissing off fans of the original television show starring Tom Selleck -- producers will then look to cast the role of Higgins right away with an eye on a 2009 release. IGN alludes to the notion that folks could be looking to sign its cast and rush into production for fear that a strike might destroy Hollywood and all mankind in the near future. The Daily Express cites that Cage "likes the mix of comedy and crime-solving in the script." Gee, ya think -- that one line practically describes every movie he's in to begin with; why wouldn't he be keen to do it? I just hope they don't make the guy grow a really outlandish mustache. Hey, I liked the way it looked in Raising Arizona, but something tells me the guy can't pull it off anymore. So far the only one signed on to the big-screen Magnum P.I. flick is director Rawson Marshall Thurber, who previously helmed the comedy Dodgeball and is gearing up to release his follow-up flick, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

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