• Faruk Begolli(1944-2007) - Albanian actor who appears in The Battle of Neretva, Valter brani Sarajevo and Beach Guard in Winter. He also co-wrote Strsljen (aka The Hornet) and Kosovo: Desperate Search, in which he also appears. He died of cancer August 23, in Prishtina, Serbia, Yugoslavia. (BIRN)
  • Sam Bernstein(1926-2007) - Production accountant for Heaven Can Wait, The Warriors, No Way Out, Rush and Thelma and Louise. He is credited as auditor for Street Fighter and Caddyshack and as financial supervisor on Lightning Jack. He also worked uncredited on The Hustler, The Andromeda Strain, Advise & Consent, Parallax View and The Crow. He died of heart failure August 12, in Sherman Oaks, California. (Variety)
  • Jim Carlson(1932-2007) - Writer, mostly for television, who co-scripted the animated feature Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw. He died August 25 or 26 in Castle Rock, Colorado. (The Big Cartoon Forum)
  • Bill Catching(1926-2007) - Stunt man who worked on North by Northwest, Spartacus, Blazing Saddles, Mean Streets, The Poseidon Adventure, Salvador, The Cowboys, The Great Race and the 1994 remake of The Getaway. He also did stunts for Moon Over Parador while also filling second unit directing duties and was credited as action director for The Corrupt Ones. As an actor, he can be seen in North by Northwest, The Man from Laramie, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and Macho Callahan. He died August 24 in Somerton, Arizona. (Yuma Sun)
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