Follow this trajectory -- Canadian guy goes to school at Sheridan, in the burbs beyond the burbs of Toronto. After donning the cap and gown, he heads to Ireland to work on films like Thumbelina. Then he nabs a gig stateside with Disney, becoming one of the many writers for Mulan, and later helming Lilo & Stitch. Without a doubt, the next gig would be in Iceland, right? Believe it or not, Dean DeBlois is the guy behind the new Sigur Ros documentary called Heima (Homeland). Last year, the melodic, Icelandic band headed home and performed in ten free, secret-locale concerts in remote corners of the country to wrap up their Takk word tour -- and they tapped DeBlois to record it.

GIGWISE was at the film's recent industry premiere, and they say that "a spontaneous round of applause" erupted at the end of the doc, and that "every single shot is a feast for the eyes. Heima doesn't just contain visual to provide a background to the music -- instead they work together in perfect harmony." You can't get much better than that! The director says: "Their ambitious gesture of playing free, unannounced concerts in every corner of Iceland struck me as noble and beautifully strange," which also makes for an apt description of their music. The film includes concert footage of the varied locations they played at, as well as interviews with the bands. For a taste of what the doc is like, you can check out a trailer here. Heima will hit UK cinemas in November as it is released on DVD.

[via Film Stew]
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