Film festivals are a movie lover's dream -- you get tons of mainstream and indie features all descending in one all-too-brief block of time. They give you a chance to see what might never get released, and for the mainstream -- you often get to see your favorite actors in person, and hear them chat about the film. However, along with all the fannish fare, there's the damned wrench of scheduling. Sure, sometimes having jet out early to make your next film across the city can be a welcome excuse, but not always. Sometimes, you achingly perch at the end of your seat, waiting for the screen to dim so you can zip past everyone and make your next film -- yet you love what you're watching so much that you're angry to be distracted by the time.

Last year, I was able to see Andrea Arnold'sRed Road at TIFF. However, I had little time to get to my next screening. When the credits began to roll, I sped out, right past the director herself. She tried to assure me that she would make the upcoming Q&A interesting. I bet it was, but I don't think the ticket rippers at the next venue would let me in late because Arnold had an interesting Q&A.

But I'm not the only one who has been nabbed by the watchful eye of filmmakers. Judd Apatow was recently at Edinburgh International Film Festival, and during a Q&A, a woman made a quick exit after a fan question. Apatow chided: "Your question is so bad that she's leaving!" The 'she' in question was none other than Jennifer Venditti, the director of Billy the Kid, who was zipping out for an interview. Whoops! At least her film nabbed the top doc prize while she was there. Has this ever happened to you?
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