Every once in a while, news about a potential sequel makes some people ooh and ahh, rather than hawk up a phlegm globber. Is that the case with a potential Throw Momma From the Train 2? I wouldn't think so, but both Josh Horowitz at MTV and our beloved EIC, Erik Davis, seem into the idea. The former spoke with Danny DeVito recently about the possibility of a Momma return, and it seems the dude doesn't think his train days are done.

DeVito said: "I actually haunt Billy [Crystal] all the time. I always call him and say we should do a sequel. I called Billy at 7 AM one morning. I must have woken him up and I was like: 'I have this idea.' He was like: 'Are you done?' He went back to sleep." So really, this is only in the vague musing stage if he's serious, although I'm sure it would gear up soon if movie companies caught wind of some audience interest. But do the rest of you really want it?

I enjoyed Throw Momma from the Train and Horowitz is right -- it has some great lines. However, as he also notes -- Anne Ramsey is no longer with us. I would have trouble seeing The Goonies return without Ma Fratelli just as much as I couldn't see a new Throw Momma without the actual, wonderfully-mean mom. Heck, she got an Oscar nomination for the role! If she was still around, I'd be all for it, but I don't know if I could watch a sequel without her. Could you?
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