Despite the fact that I love both movies, and despite the fact that they're nothing alike, I often confuse the titles of Don't Look Backand Don't Look Now. Soon I will be able to confuse them with another film, Don't Look Up, which is going into production at the end of this year in Romania and South Africa. According to Variety, the film will be a remake of Hideo Nakata's 1996 horror pic, Joyû-rei. For those not paying close attention to Japanese remakes, this came before even Nakata's original Ringu, which was redone as The Ring(he also did an original sequel, Ringu 2, helmed the remake sequel, The Ring Two, and is set to do The Ring 3). For Don't Look Up, the director is Hong Kong filmmaker Fruit Chan, who is most familiar to Western audiences for his segment Dumplings in Three ... Extremes. Chan possibly hopes to break out bigger with the remake; he told Variety that he's too often considered an art-house director and would like to be considered, simply, a director.

The original Don't Look Up (aka Ghost Actress, as Joyû-rei has also been called in English translations) dealt with a haunted movie studio and focused on the production of a war film. The ghost of a woman begins appearing on the set and even shows up in the dailies (reminds me of that Three Men and a Babylegend). Also, footage from an older film keeps inserting itself into the film. This is all the plot info I could get out of review sites Black Hole DVD Reviews and Flipside Movie Emporium -- the movie is currently unavailable in the States. Variety gives the new version's plot as being about a film production shooting in Transylvania haunted by an old piece of celluloid depicting a woman's murder. Don't Look Up will be produced by Brian Cox (Pulse) and Yôko Asakura. As for the other Don't Look movies, Don't Look Back recently got a sorta-sequel called 65 Revisited, which must be seen, and Don't Look Now is also being remade.
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