If it wasn't for a Sweet Sixteen this weekend, I'd probably be on my way to Toronto. A friggin' Sweet Sixteen! I haven't been to a Sweet Sixteen since I was 16, but family always comes first -- and so it goes. One of the things we here at Cinematical pride ourselves in is our film festival coverage. And no one does Toronto like us. This year, we have a number of writers contributing from the scene -- most of which are either in Toronto right now or in route (like our own Scott Weinberg who decided to road trip it up this time around). Apart from Scott, James Rocchi, Ryan Stewart and Monika Bartyzel will be posting reviews, interviews, photo galleries and fest news from the Canadian city, while the fantastic Kim Voynar manages it all from the comfort of her own home (and even churns out a few of her own TIFF reviews of films that were pre-screened prior to the festival). In total, you can expect upwards of about 80 or so posts, with film reviews providing most of the bulk.

Here's where you might ask: "Will all of this coverage live on Cinematical Indie, or Cinematical, or on both pages?" Good question. If you don't want to miss one second of our TIFF coverage, make sure you bookmark Cinematical Indie, as every single TIFF-related post will show up over there. For the more buzzed-about films, interviews and news, you'll be able to find them on our main page, Cinematical.com, as well. Additionally, you can tap into our main Toronto International Film Festival category, which will also house all of our coverage. "And when does this all start, Erik?" Tomorrow. Yup, we'll begin filing reviews first thing in the morning, so make sure you're up bright and early as we'll be giving you a first look at some of this fall's most anticipated films. Man, can you taste the excitement? It sort of tastes like Canadian Bison. I think. Anyway, if you haven't yet experienced a major film festival on Cinematical, you'll want to stick around for the next two weeks as we're looking to go where no other website or print publication has ever gone before. Toronto will never know what hit them.

UPDATE: We now have a full Toronto HUB providing links to all of our TIFF coverage with up-to-the-minute updates. Feel free to bookmark as well.