With a long weekend behind us and a big film festival ahead, things have been slow. When there's far from a plethora of news of deals and major casting info to share, we get to be even more fannish than usual (if that's even possible!). Funny enough, while I was writing up my Uber Cool & Quotable Gun-Toting Antiheroes, my friend sent me a comic -- one that gave love to the complete opposite kind of fighter -- the silent, butt-kicking hero. You might have heard of the site -- xkcd. While it is, by no means, an example of stellar art, their strips are damn funny and often movie-nerdy.

Recently, they tackled action movies, ruing over the amount of conversation in them -- go read it here. As the disappointed stick figure rants: "Just once, I want a real action movie. 30 seconds of exposition followed by a perfect 90-minute action scene. One with a huge budget, a good choreographer, and a great director." Of course, there's probably no one better than River Tam to do that. You know -- the chick who wildly kicked arse with her ballet ways in Joss Whedon's Serenity (and we can't forget Firefly).

The strip is not only funny -- it also brings up an interesting point -- have action flicks gotten too talky? We're all suckers for a good, wonderfully-delivered line, but have we forgotten the allure of silent strength? Summer Glau's character didn't say much, but she made many fans with her slick fighting moves. District 13 would be another example -- David Belle talked, but it was his fluid parkour that made waves. I love a good quote as much as the next person, but there's just something to be said for the sweet, choreographed action on its own. And call me crazy, but I'd pay to see River Tam beat up everyone!
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