In about an hour, I'll be writing another post regarding a new Moviefone gallery featuring the 25 Best Sex Scenes of All Time. One movie that will not be on that list (mainly because it hasn't come out yet) is Shoot 'Em Up, which arrives in theaters this Friday. Now before I go on, I must warn you that the clip we'll be linking to features both nudity and violence -- so those of you at work or around children might want to wait until the coast is clear. That said, New Line never even needed to market this film at all. All they could've done was show people this clip -- make it their trailer -- and folks would've flocked in masses. For the women, you have Clive Owen. For the men, you have Monica Bellucci. And for the people who couldn't care less about the sex, you have tons and tons of gun play. Need I say more?

The folks over at IESB are currently housing this clip, although no one seems to know where it came from. They claim it sort of landed in their laps, and so they put it up. Was it leaked on purpose? Was it not supposed to be leaked at all? We don't know. But what we do know is that the clip itself is flippin' fantastic -- and if I could simultaneously be typing this post and be on line waiting to buy tickets for this flick, you bet your ass I'd be in both places at the same time. (Actually, when you think about it, technically I could buy tickets online while I write this post. Thus, it is possible. So there ya go.) Parts of this clip were briefly shown in that last R-rated clip, but there's nothing like the whole scene to get you in the mood, so to speak. Here's a brief description to whet your appetite: While Clive and Monica get down to some between-the-sheets business, guys in ski masks burst into the room, bullets go flying, a baby begins crying and, well, the sex couldn't get any better. And Clive's final line -- classic! Check out the clip and let us know what you think -- Shoot 'Em Up hits theaters this weekend.