After Polar Express, you've got to gore things up a bit. Robert Zemeckis is soon to return with Beowulf, and now we've got another trailer to feast on at the official website -- one safely housed behind one of those age verification pages. This time around, we've got lots of Beowulf ranting, merged with lots of blood and death. Well, what looks like animated blood that is. With this trailer, we get to see some of Grendel's victims, plus some slow-mo, blood-filled action during a Grendel attack. At the very least, you can expect this to be completely over the top.

Stylistically, I think I prefer it's predecessor, Sturla Gunnarsson's Beowulf & Grendel, which came out last year. It's far from flashy, but it's got the fighting and the drama -- just in a less-sensational package. That being said, it's pretty hard to resist the names attached to this sucker. Beyond Zemeckis, there's Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary responsible for the screenplay, and then there's the cast. Angelina Jolie has seemed to make the biggest splash so far seeing that she's pretty nude as Grendel's Mother, but there's also Beowulf -- Ray Winstone from my loved Proposition, Anthony Hopkins as King Hrothgar, Robin Wright Penn as Queen Wealtheow, Alison Lohman as Ursula, John Malkovich as Unferth, and of course, Crispin Glover as Grendel. We'll finally get to see the whole package on November 16, but if you want some epic adaptations before then, check out Gunnarsson's version.