I've never been a fan of Jackass, although I will admit to being inebriated several months back and finding the original movie to be somewhat funny. I think Johnny Knoxville and his clan of morons know who their audience is, and they subsequently provide their fans with tons and tons of memorable material. That said, following the success of Jackass: Number Two (and contrary to what they might have said immediately following its release) it seems the boys aren't done with all the stunts and disgusting behavior. In fact, Knoxville even said there was so much footage leftover, as well as stuff they never got to shoot, that at one point they'd have to release another film. So, folks, I bring you ... Jackass 2.5.

Yup, the boys are back again, and some brief footage from their latest flick was recently leaked to SlashFilm. In it, the tiny fellow (sorry, I haven't had a chance to memorize all their names) points to a television monitor and claims they're right smack in the middle of shooting the "opening to 2.5." Peter from SlashFilm then updated his post to include this little tidbit: "Bam Margera apparently made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show earlier today, and let it slip that the Don Vito teeth pull which was shown in the television ads and movie trailer will be one of the cut segments featured on the all new release." Awesome! I love me a good teeth-pulling session. Additionally, SlashFilm says Jackass 2.5 will go straight to DVD and arrive on shelves this Christmas.