Now an official rule in filmmaking, if you want to break out in America -- cast Gael García Bernal (Babel) in your film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is what Lukas Moodysson is doing for his next pic, titled Mammoth. The Swedish writer-director, who gave us the brilliant teen-trafficking drama Lilya 4-everand the very sweet lesbian film Show Me Love, has cast Bernal in the domestic drama, about a young couple, their child and their nanny. Knowing how most domestic dramas go, we can assume Bernal's husband character has an affair with the nanny, who will be played by Filipino actress Marife Necesito (Evolution of a Filipino Family). Bernal, who may have helped the Stateside successes of many Latin American filmmakers, possibly appeals to foreign directors because he speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. After shooting Mammoth, he should be able to pick up some Swedish and Filipino.

I typically frown upon foreign directors making the leap to filming in English. Sure, a ton of great filmmakers have done it well, but too many have not. However, because Lukas Moodysson didn't hit so well with his previous two Swedish films (A Hole in My Heart; Container), it is perhaps time for him to try something different. This isn't the usual immigration to Hollywood, though; Mammoth is still technically a foreign film, co-produced by Swedish, Danish and German companies and financiers. It may be better to think of this as similar to Lars von Trier's English-language work since the Dogville director is producing Mammoth with Peter Aalbaek Jensen (Breaking the Waves) and Maria Kopf (Heaven), both of whom work for von Trier's company Zentropa Entertainments -- Kopf being head of the new division Zentropa Berlin. Jensen also co-produced many of Moodysson's Swedish work, including Lilya 4-ever. Moodysson will shoot in Sweden, New York, Thailand and the Philippines.
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