Blame Canada! With all their beady little eyes, and flapping heads so full of lies. Blame Canada. Blame Canada! We need to form a full assault -- It's Canada's fault!

In the latest round of accusations thrown at the land of the maple leaf, the CBC reports that the US Film and Television Action Committee has filed a trade action against the Canadian film industry for its subsidies. The aim of the FTAC is to keep film jobs in the United States, so they've "filed a 301 petition with the U. S. Trade Representative office asking for an investigation into Canada's film subsidies." They consider them, along with federal tax credits, to be "unfair trade practices" that violate current trade agreements. The office has 30 days to decide whether to entertain the complaint.

While the FTAC tries to get more backers by hiring a law firm to help the case and lobby Congress, they claim that "the U.S. has lost 47,000 jobs per year and an estimated $23 billion US in economic benefits in feature filmmaking since 2000," but others, such as the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists, say the data is flawed and employment is up. (Check out the CBC report for all the various studies and numbers.) On the flip side, there's the issue of the massive amount of U.S. content in Canada. ACTRA president Richard Hardacre points out: "The bitter irony in this dispute is that we are drowning in U.S. product on TV and in the movie theatres." If FTAC gets anywhere with this gripe, there's going to be one heck of a tug of war -- one that effects not only where the films are being made, but the entire setup of the Canadian market -- one that's swimming with US films, television and other forms of media.
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