I wasn't crazy about touching this story to begin with (it was a slow news day, and I figured what the hell), but apparently others beg to differ. Since we first brought news of Larry Wachowski's apparent sex change (in which the director supposedly changed his name to Lana), over a half a million people stopped by to read, and folks like Perez Hilton and IMDb felt the news was worthy of a link. So be it. Thanks for the love. But now, two days later, Fox News (of all people) have decided to take it upon themselves to get to the bottom of this breaking, earth-shattering news.

According to Fox News, they've contacted everyone from Speed Racer producer Joel Silver to "one man in building operations" and "one woman who worked in the Speed Racer office" -- all of whom have denied Larry's so-called sex change. First off, I think we've got to disregard anything coming from anyone associated with the film Speed Racer. Let it be known now that I have nothing against Speed Racer, the Wachowskis, Joel Silver or the dude who works in building operations -- I seriously hope the film rocks. I'm a fan. But do you really think the folks behind that family-friendly G-rated movie want this kind of press spreading like wildfire right smack in the middle of filming? Um, no. And I don't blame them. Secondly, is it just me or have we known about Larry's quest to change his sex for almost two years now? In fact, Fox News even reported on it back in 2006. The same exact writer. Roger Friedman. Who, now, says he finds this news "rather startling." Really dude? But you already wrote about it last year? Can I get a WTF for the hell of it?

Look, regardless of what's going on with Larry (or Lana) Wachowski, we once again wish him (or her) luck. And until Larry (or Lana) steps out into the wide open arena that is the Planet Earth, and tells us which way is up, this whole thing will still be a rumor. And, in my opinion, you shouldn't think less of him or her -- there are slimier people out there to be worried about ...

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